Hello readers,

Today I’ll be talking about a very important issue littering. Why is it a big issue? It’s a big issue because we see it every day but never seem to bug us. Some of you might be loyal and throw your garbage in the trash. Or some of you might have littered here or there. But there are some of us who does it every day. In the US 75% of the people had admitted to littering in the past 5 years since 2013 and The US has used 11.5 Billion dollars yearly just for to clean the litter off the ground. The amount of waste thrown in the water in the US has shown to be 9 tons. Which is a crazy amount and all it needs is 12 steps. People average 12 steps before they start littering. Most of the waste is are cigarettes, fast food, and others. What we need to do as a community is to try to make our ecosystem because without it we would not be here and I’ll not be here to write this. So please the next time you have trash PLEASE put it in the trash bin. Okay? Thank You!


Twitter Expert Connect

Hi guys,

In December I had been doing a Twitter Expert Connect which was very fun. What we had to do was to go to Twitter and find a subject that you want to learn about. Then ask for some help from a professor or from an association. I was trying to learn more about lung cancer, so I followed some association like, LungCancerAmerica, and Faces of Lung Cancer. When I asked them questions about Lung Cancer this all helped me learn more about lung cancer.  She also helped me find a website which helped me understand most of the information. I am very grateful for the help that they had given me and it will support my Genius Hour.

Thanks for reading,


SBC8 – Best way to comment

Hey guys,

If you have noticed on this blog we comment a lot and not only on edublog but also on youtube and other social media stuff…

Here I am going to show you the best way to comment on a blog post:

1. Don’t use phrases like:

“Nice info!”

“Great share!”

“Useful post”

“Amazing write-up!”

They have no positive or negative feeling on the writer who wrote it. You need to show the blogger what he did well and why.

2. Don’t spam your comments just because someone has not seen it, they probably have a lot of other things to do(this is not only for blogging).

3. We all know this one DON’T HATE, there is nothing that can help out on haters. Like my mother always told me to think about what you say before you say it (Or something like that).

Thank you all for reading.

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SBC6: Genius Hour

Hi Guys,

This Semester I had Genius Hour. Genius Hour is a class that let’s learn things that you have never learned but always wanted to learn. This class lets you learn it. What I learned was coding. I used Coding on. If you don’t know Scratch is a website where you can learn how to code with commands to help you if you are a starter. Of course, I used this as I was not good at coding. It is also a site where you can make games or types of videos that are made by programming (of course). Image result for instructions on scratch png 

It was a fun time and took some time to master it. I had some hard time trying to find the command for each motion. I also had a hard time to try to design it so I just left it like that. one of my games that I made from the help in the instructions.

Thank you for reading

Krebs, Denise. “Genius Hour By Any Other Name.” Flickr. Yahoo!, 18 Feb. 2013. Web. 22 Nov. 2017.

SBC5: How I go to School

Hi guys,

Going to school used to be sort of a challenge. In NY I had to use the train then the bus which to be honest was hard because there are sometimes the train had a delay or it was not working or their was something that was happening on the block so i had to get extra walking to school (which to you may not be a problem, but I just hate walking more than I need to). Also when the train stop working that was the real problem, because i usually take two local train to go to school but if they BOTH are not working (which is rarely) I take the express train even though it might get me late. When the bus stop working I have to walk to school from the train stop which is a pain but a huge problem like the train.

SBC4: Summary of Among the Enemy

Hi guys,

              Today I was thinking of talking to you about about my favorite book “Among the Enemy” by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The book is a series called: Shadow Children. The book is about Mathias who is a 3rd child which in the society is illegal.He was with his two friends Peter and Alia who were residing at Neidler School, but however got taken away on the bus to get to labor camp. Then the bus tire popped by a nail on the road. Running in the woods Alia gets injured and Peter gets shot. Matthias leave them in a hideout and leaves to find a friend Mr. Talbot for help. As they come back to the hideout they saw that Alia and Peter were missing. Hearing a shot gun he saved a population police officer Tidwell,called Teddy, he takes Matthias to the population Police headquarters.Teddy sadly dies from a poison, and the police commander lets him stay an now he is a spy to try overthrow the population police.

Thanks for reading this summary!

Karl F.

SBC 3: activity 3

Hello Readers,

Today I will be telling you a story and you will have to tell me in the comments an ending:

2 men is going inside a pyramid one is named Josh the other Drake. They are looking for the lost Diamond which was hidden for centuries never to be found. After many obstacles they  had managed to get the diamond and bring it home.

What do you think is the end? Is going to be good or bad.

Thanks for reading,


How To Comment

Hey guys,

today i’m going to teach you how to comment.

1.Have good punctuation and spelling

you need to make sure that it is easy for everyone to read.

2. Don’t use too much info

Don’t use private information, as there many people out there and they will be looking at your post.

3. Finally be nice

Don’t post mean comments, you should always think if you want people to say the same thing to you.

Thank you for reading,