SBC4: Summary of Among the Enemy

Hi guys,

              Today I was thinking of talking to you about about my favorite book “Among the Enemy” by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The book is a series called: Shadow Children. The book is about Mathias who is a 3rd child which in the society is illegal.He was with his two friends Peter and Alia who were residing at Neidler School, but however got taken away on the bus to get to labor camp. Then the bus tire popped by a nail on the road. Running in the woods Alia gets injured and Peter gets shot. Matthias leave them in a hideout and leaves to find a friend Mr. Talbot for help. As they come back to the hideout they saw that Alia and Peter were missing. Hearing a shot gun he saved a population police officer Tidwell,called Teddy, he takes Matthias to the population Police headquarters.Teddy sadly dies from a poison, and the police commander lets him stay an now he is a spy to try overthrow the population police.

Thanks for reading this summary!

Karl F.

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